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Training College for Touch for Health Synthesis Modules 1-4, Kinesiology for Kids, Healthy Pets, Perceptive Vision, Tibetan Energy & Vitality Workshops and Bach Flower Remedies Workshop. Touch For Health is an accredited course. We may teach the Cert IV in Kinesiology (PKP) BKP 101-110 at Engadine in 2014-however this will depend on demand after TFH completion. This is a Nationally endorsed certificate and industry recognised qualification. If you wish to become a Professional Kinesiologist and gain recognition plus Professional membership status through an industry accredited board than this is the course for you. The Cert IV in Kinesiology comprises of 14 face to face weekends plus a student clinic and some home study units. It is a hands on but very rewarding course.  More information can be found by clicking the link located under the course timetable.


Yin Yang - emotional, physical and biochemical


Touch for Health Kinesiology is recognised as the basis of Kinesiology practice worldwide. It encompasses the principles of Chinese medicine, meridians, acupuncture with eastern philosophy of science, anatomy & physiology and chiropractic principles. Touch for Health courses are internationally recognized as the foundation training for Kinesiology.

This fascinating modality addresses all areas of the triangle of health, emotional, physical and environmental/biochemical. Using a range of powerful yet gentle techniques one can improve vitality and overall well being. Practitioners of other modalities may experience a deeper understanding and perceptive approach to their client’s problems.

Training is not restricted to Health Care Professionals such as Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Reflexologists, Chiropractors or Physiotherapists, as the content is suitable for all interested persons. Touch for Health 1-4 also accredits 20 CPE Points for members of ATMS.

The Touch For Health Synthesis is taught in four levels over four weekends. Touch For Health


(TFH) is also the foundation for most kinesiology courses, and the ideal 1st step to becoming a Kinesiologist.

If you are new to the Health Industry, this course is a great introduction or lead into the Cert IV or Diploma Level of Kinesiology, which is now a minimum standard for Professional Membership. Once you have completed TFH 1-4 + the accreditation assessment, you may secure insurance, which then allows you to practice this wonderful modality. All hours studied may be accredited towards further studies in Kinesiology.

Upon completion of all four modules, if you are already a member of an Industry Recognised Professional body, Touch For Health can be added to your modalities as a Touch For Health Provider.

Touch for Health 1 (TFH 1):

This is your introduction to Kinesiology, what it means and how it works. Learn how the muscles of the body can be used as biofeedback mechanisms to evaluate & balance the meridian system. You will be taught
14 indicator muscles, associated meridians & organs and their balancing techniques. Learn about spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic & neurovascular reflexes and vision improvement. Become skilled at simple energy balancing techniques to alleviate pain, improve posture and release emotional stress. Learn whether foods are strengthening or weakening your life energy.  Fees for each module include the TFH textbook.

Touch for Health 2 (TFH2):

This weekend we learn all about the Chinese Law of Five elements, Yin/Yang –night and day concept. Meridian massage, acute pain relief techniques, balancing the body clock, which is great for jetlag & shiftworkers. We also learn about another 14 indicator muscles and their relationship to meridian and organ functions, Emotional Stress Release, Food Sensitivity Testing techniques.

Touch for Health 3 (TFH 3):

This workshop we continue to upgrade whilst integrating your current skills. You will learn how to combine your muscle testing skills with the energetic Law of the Five elements of Chinese acupuncture. We add another 14 muscles to the repertoire & learn about reactive muscles, gait testing, chronic pain relief, balancing for past trauma and detecting & correcting over & under energies in the meridian system.

Touch for Health 4 (TFH 4):

Learn how to conduct a balance for specific goals. You will learn posture analysis, Tibetan energy, emotional stress release techniques for past, present & future events. We also add in another 14 indicator muscles to learn. Balance with colour, sound & touch. By the end of this level you will know 42 indicator muscle tests to assess meridian & organ function and how bring all aspects together as a total health care modality. Add in emotions and sound balancing with organ and meridian imbalances and you have some very powerful techniques in your bag.

TFH is an internationally accredited Kinesiology program and all TFH courses run by Traditional Herbal Remedies College are recognised by ACKM, the Kinesiology Academy Sydney Campus RTO No:31411, and can be credited towards the Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42807), a nationally endorsed qualif


The Touch For Health Course is Internationally Recognised, and therefore you can do one module at a time. You will receive a certificate at the completion of each module. You can study any module in any country that holds the course and be accredited for the work completed. This course is very versatile and allows for the mature aged student.

When you complete all four modules you can be recognised as a Touch For Health Provider and secure insurance.

Book in early and pay for TFH 1-4 + accreditation and workbook and SAVE $200-00.  Full price is $2190.  Pay in full and your total is $1990-...No extra costs.

Bookings are essential for all courses and workshops.  Pricing includes the cost of the manual for each workshop

Future Inspirational & Exciting Workshops --half day through to two days

Kinesiology for Kids

Do Something special for your kids and help them become the best they can be. This four hour workshop is packed full of great techniques that can help your child. Improve your child's academic & sporting achievements and build their self-esteem. Parents will learn simple exercises that can improve their child’s overall health, learning, co-ordination, comprehension, handwriting, behaviour and attention span.
Learn basic muscle testing procedures that will enable you to identify hydration, food and environmental sensitivities in your child. Maximise your childs reading skills, co-ordination and improve confidence and concentration.

Healthy Pets

This one day workshop has been designed to bring awareness and focus on the wellbeing of our beloved animal companions. In this workshop you will learn anatomy and physiology of your precious pet, nutrition, structural and emotional balancing, and how to improve your dog’s, cat, horse or bunnies health and keep them happier for longer. We cover the use of natural vibrational medicines and acupressure, and surrogate testing to identify problems.

Stress Release Made Easy

A workshop designed to help with stress management.

An empowering workshop designed to give an understanding of what stress is and how it effects the body. We show you the warning signs of stress and how to manage it, through several different approaches. This workshop shares ways to increase your stress tolerance, renew your depleted resources and learn new skills.

A great workshop for HSC students and parents.

We cover nutrition for stress, breathing techniques and how emotions effect us, and how to find the right affirmation for you.  Learn how to effectively de-stress.

Bring a friend and they receive 50% off-a saving of $90-00

Tibetan Energy & Vitality

A fascinating & informative one day workshop that will change the way you view your body.

Learn how to muscle test the bodies energetic systems. Learn about Figure 8's and the importance of the infinity symbol.
Clear energies with sound, and balance the Chakras. Learn about Spiral energies and how to clear emotional stress.
Learn the 5 Tibetan Rights--the secret of the Tibetan Monks.

Normally priced at $240-00, save $60-00

Perceptive Vision

Improve your eyesight and decrease the need for glasses. Find out what is diminishing your sight and how you can do some simple exercises (that are specific to you) which will improve your sight. Find what areas of the brain is adding to the stress on your eyes and how to best access this information and improve your overall vision.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies were introduced in the 1930's by Doctor Edward Bach. The Bach Flower Remedies work specifically on all matters relating to health and emotional well being (see seperate icon on the web page) This one day workshop will cover the 36 remedies and how these can be used on your family of friends to help them in everyday life. They are great for kids and your pets too! Remedies will be offered at a discount on the day. Or you may wish to purchase the whole set.


Touch For Health Kinesiology

"Jenny is a great instructor, who relates well to the class and was very happy to answer all questions. The pace of learning was good and I liked the relaxed environment. I hope to use this information everyday. Touch For Health is a really enlightening course with lots of potential for practical every day application." L.B. Yarrawarrah NSW

"Jenny is a very experienced and knowledgable instructor. She is very patient and calm. I would love to see how I can help my family and friends with pain. Overall this course surpassed my expectations." K.S. Lugarno NSW

"As an instructor Jenny is very patient, understanding, clear and easy to relate too. She is very knowledgable, a great teacher and extra special. I am loving the course and feel excited about what I have learnt and will learn and I definately want to use the information with all my other modalities. Being so close to home is a HUGE bonus." S.C. Bangor NSW

Kinesiology For Kids Testimonials

"I was very impressed with the practical content. Easy to use daily at home and in practice." M.T. Roseberry NSW

"A must for all parents!" Y.S. Bangor, NSW

"A wonderful, eye opening course that will hopefully change my family's life for the better." S.C. Loftus NSW

" The most informative course for Mums & Dads to do the best for their kids. A very enjoyable course." M.K. Menai

"This course was informative, magical & surprising. Jenny was great and it was a very comfortable atmosphere." M.S. Loftus

Introductory Bach Flower Workshop

"Jennifer is extremely knowledgable about the Bach Flowers and made the day very informative and useful."

J.B. Engadine

"Interesting, knowledgable and inspirational.  Good communication, sense of humour and valuable teaching methods. Thanks for a very good presentation."           N.L Jannali

"This course was an informative and enjoyable experience."

R.P.  Jannali



2014 Dates
Touch for Health 1
2 days


29th & 30th March
Touch for Health 2
2 days


3rd & 4th May
Touch for Health 3
2 days


31st May & 1st June
Touch for Health 4
2 days


19th & 20th July
TFH Proficiency Plus workbook and certification 1 day 23rd August


Conversion; TFH to Cert IV 2 days   TBA $695
BKP   106 2 Days TBA $400
BKP 107 2 Days TBA $400
BKP 108 2 Days TBA $400
BKP 109 2 Days TBA $400
BKP 110 2 Days TBA $400
Emotional Stress Release 2 Days TBA $400
R.B T 2 Days TBA $400-
Exam   TBA $295-
Kinesiology for Kids
6 hours 10-4pm

10th August

Healthy Pets
1 Day  10-4pm 
Stress Release Made Easy-Improve your performance  1 Day  10-5pm     TBA $180.00
Tibetan Energy & Vitality

1 day

10am - 5pm

2nd November
Perceptive Vision-Natural Vision Improvement
3.5 hours 2pm       -5-30pm

17th May

Bach Flower Remedies
1 day


24th August
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