"You are what you eat."

Your diet undoubtedly contributes to the way you feel. Lack of vitality and a general feeling of unwell can be the first sign of nutritional inadequacy. Todays busy lifestyles lends to high stress levels, an overabundance of "synthetic" foods & polluted air and water sources. All these factors contribute to our bodies wellbeing.

Our clinic offers clients a balanced health-care approach incorporating orthodox western medical values combined with eastern philosophy, clinical nutrition, enhanced by complementary medicine practises such as nutrition analysis (clinical nutrition), herbal medicine, kinesiology- a unique combination.

Nutritional therapy is based upon symptoms and illness patterns that your body is presenting. An Iridology & tongue examination is used to support the original diagnosis. The incorporation of these two techniques during the consultation can highlight weaknesses in the body that may not have been apparent to the patient.

Dietary requirements will be highlighted, plus vitamin and mineral therapy will be advised if found to be necessary. As Jennifer has an excellent knowledge of the active constituents of Medicinal Herbs,  she can incorporate this form of treatment into the health plan. This aids to alleviate any illness pattern that has emerged and to decrease your resistance to further disease.

David is our Behavioral Nutritionist and author of the "Nutribrain Method. This is a unique profession where there are minimal practitioners trained registered & accredited in this particular field, or with David's level of knowledge in counseling and food related matters. David has under taken extensive studies in Psychology, Nutrition and Kinesiology and he can assist in all aspects of nutritional advise. David adds to our list of extensive therapies. Behavioral Nutrition not only addresses dietary deficiencies, but also looks at the causal effect of behavior with diet.  Stress, Depression and ADD, low concentration, learning disorders, and chronic illness have all been linked to dietary deficiencies.  David's expertise in this area will see you well on the way to improving your nutritional and emotional well being. 

Research clearly shows that this combined approach to health care has substantial benefit in the management and resolution of many chronic diseases such as allergies, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue and bowel disorders. This approach is particularly beneficial in illness prevention programs such as weight reduction, diabetes, osteoporosis prevention, reducing hypertension, hormone replacement therapy, retardation of ageing and post-operative recovery, anti cancer management programs.

The "Nutribrain Method" is a fail safe, clinically trialled, scientifically based way of accessing valuable metabolic pathway information from our clients. This can include heavy metal toxicity testing, metabolic testing, sensitivities, malabsoption, constitutional analysis, behavioural analysis, stress management. This method is invaluable when working with children with behavioural problems, learning disabilities, Autism, ADD, Aggression, poor eating habits. The program is suitable for people of all ages, and is totally unique in that we are the only clinic offering this service as David has researched and authored the program.

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