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Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)
Professional Member Australian Kinesiology Association + ATMS

and Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

Accredited Touch For Health Instructor.

Accredited ICPKP Trainer   BKP 101-110 (Cert IV)

NOT Practitioner (Neuro Organisational Technique)

Workplace Assessor & Trainer

Understanding Kinesiology

Kinesiologists use Manual Muscle Testing as a tool in their work, which tests the function of the muscles, which in turn reflect the body's overall state of structural balance. They also recognise that there are flows of energy within the body that relate not only to the muscles, but to every tissue and organ that make the body a living being. The client is observed as a whole organism, rather than a collection of symptoms.

Ultimately, Kinesiology relies upon the muscle feedback system that measures how the nervous system controls its muscle functions and the channels of the brain and body. In this way, it helps the body into a better position to heal itself or reach a specified goal by 'balancing" its energies. Stress, imbalances and blockages in the nervous system can be detected by testing the tension in certain muscles.

Kinesiology (PKP) is truly holistic. Combining Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition and Counseling, it encompasses all aspects of the human being - the structural, nutritional, psychological and spiritual. It is an amazing transformational experience.

The Benefits

  • Improve your health & vitality and decrease your stress levels. Locate and let go of "old emotional baggage." It is amazing how good you can feel after a balance.
  • Feel better about yourself, increase your confidence.
  • Alleviate sports or accident related injuries, or nagging pains, weak muscles, we can locate the source of the problem and help improve/remove it.
  • Realise your true potential-setting goal orientated tasks to improve your lifestyle. Goals can relate to any subject, ie. financial, learning, sports, relationships, fertility...........
  • Identify nutritional imbalances - important in all illness states
  • Clear negative emotional components that help to relieve pain and illness on any level
  • Brain Integration, helps to balance left and right side, which is so important in reading problems and learning difficulties.
  • Helps to balance the person -on all levels- in all areas.
  • Yo Yo Dieters, People who struggle with day to day chores, exercise etc-stop sabotaging yourself. We can help to clear old fears that may be stopping you from acheiving your target
  • Old injuries that remain stuck.......find out why they are stuck and not moving.
  • Clear sabotage programmes once and for all.

The Process

If you are wanting to take more responsibility for your health and are tired of just managing or suppressing your symptoms then Kinesiology is for you! Initial consultation takes approximately 1½ hours. During this time we discuss the key problem, and we find the emotional link to this predicament. We manually test a wide range of muscles that are linked directly back to different pathways and organs in the body. From here we can establish and correct the main problem that is showing, and blocking your energy flow through your body. Changes are felt instantly and do not need days of integration to take place. Let your body tell its story and be totally amazed at the end results.

Both Jennifer and David practice NOT Kinesiology and Emotional Kinesiology.

Jennifer specializes in Professional Kinesiology Practice

"I don't know exactly what you did but it has convinced me of the power of Kinesiology. Many things have changed since then, I am very impressed. I am walking 4kms again and doing other exercises – all without pain."

(A.C., NSW, Australia)

"In 2006 I was in a car accident. I was a mess physically and mentally with undergoing two ankle surgeries with venous complications, physical restrictions and had developed health problems. Despite months of hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy I was left with a permanent disability, on medication which rendered me unable to return to my  government position at that time. Further I had the stress of pursuing a third party accident claim. I harbored resentment, and forgiveness was in order for me to become whole and healthy.

Knowing my family was very concerned and that Doctors had failed, my son mentioned Jennifer Webster's Natural Therapy Practice. Since that initial appointment, Jennifer has provided mental and physical cleansing through Herbal Remedies and releasing through Kinesiology and nutritional advice. I've ceased all but one medication and have returned to my previous employment position. The healing process is continuing for me under the expertise of Jennifer's therapeutic advice."

(S.M., Goulburn. NSW)

"Jennifer was recommended to me by a friend whose child suffered severe allergies. I decided to take my son to see what she could do for his food allergies.   It has changed his life. Jennifer was professional, friendly and always willing to answer my many questions. I have recommended her to family and friends and am thankful for the changes she has brought to my family."


(G.L Caringbah. NSW))
"I set a goal to find the right place to move to. Within 2 weeks of programming my brain to respond to my goal everything came to fruition. I was really suprised at how fast this did happen. I love it. Thankyou!"
(L.G., Sydney, Australia)

 "For me, allergies and sensitivity to foods has been a struggle for around 40 years.  Over time my body became progressively weaker and allergies multiplied to the point of being close to ‘allergic to the 20th century’.  This weakened state contributed to a debilitating health issue.

With little to no success over the years with many other modalities, I read an article by Jennifer Webster on treating allergies with the non invasive NAET system.  I hit the HEALTH JACKPOT.   Jennifer is systematically clearing allergies and sensitivities, mostly with just one NAET treatment for each, which has strengthened my system markedly, allowing it to slowly heal.  The body is now using energy to heal instead of fighting off the allergens. 

I also have the amazingly accurate PKP treatments with Jennifer which through kinesiology identifies and clears emotions held in the body, often consciously forgotten, but still held within the body.  It’s a modality that’s difficult to describe, but the sense of ‘letting go’ of an issue and lightness of spirit has to be experienced to be understood.   We are body, mind and spirit."

( L.C. Loftus, NSW)

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