Energetic Room and Aura Spray

A beautiful spray made from organic herbs, essential oils and essences made from the worlds oldest rain forest, specifically formulated to aid in clearing negative energy and raising the energetic blueprint when sprayed over the body and head.



If you wish to have this posted  within Australia  $10 postage applies.


The "eyes are the window to the soul."

Personalised and Individualised Iridology Report

16-18 pages all about you, your health, projected health hereditary weaknesses, constitutional type, personality typing, suitable diet plus the list goes on..... A keepsake or a great present, as it is your personal handbook, for your bodies strengths and weaknesses. One of our best sellers. Take control of your health now. Our Professional iridologist has over 20 years experience. Photos need to be emailed and allow 2-3 weeks for report to be finalised.




Immune Mix   or  Cold and Flu Mix

The perfect combination for Winter and change of season

Two clinically tried and tested formulas that are very popular with our clients. The immune mix is for anyone who wishes to improve their immunity especially through the cooler months of the year or for children who attend day care or school where they are more prone to viral infections. Keep the germs at bay with this proven formula. 
Cold and Flu Mix
is for those times when you have a sore throat, runny nose, sore ears, upper respiratory infection, cold or flu. Aids in the body recovering faster with less symptoms. Made 100% from Australian Manufactured Medicinal Botanicals.

1 x 100ml bottle $38
2 x 100ml bottles  $60

1 x 200ml bottle  $68     
2 x 200ml bottles  $110

Postage within Australia.Please add $10 for 100ml or $15 for 200ml