I first visited Jennifer ….. years ago when I was totally rundown after undergoing emergency surgery for undiagnosed chronic inflammation of my gall bladder and gall stones.  I had endured ongoing and sometimes severe abdominal pain for many months prior to and after surgery.  To my great relief and subsequent healing, Jennifer found a problem with my digestion from the small to large intestine and prescribed herbal treatment and nutritional advice.

In following years Jennifer provided insightful and discerning health care advice regarding:


I am indebted to Jennifer.  She is an intuitive, sensitive and empathetic practitioner.  She heals me and keeps me well.  My stress and energy levels are much improved.  I just don’t know what I’d do without her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who may be frustrated with feeling continually tired and unwell with no resolution.   

Jennifer has also been very helpful in treating other members of my family and friends with great results.

    " you ARE the best Naturopath in the whole world"

H.G.   Blue Mountains  NSW                       



For me, allergies and sensitivity to foods has been a struggle for around 40 years ago.  Over time my body became progressively weaker and allergies

multiplied to the point of being close to ‘allergic to the 20th century’.  This weakened state contributed to a debilitating health issue.

With little to no success over the years with many other modalities, I read an article by Jennifer Webster on treating allergies

with the non invasive NAET system.  I hit the HEALTH JACKPOT.   Jennifer is systematically clearing allergies and sensitivities,

mostly with just one NAET treatment for each,

which has strengthened my system markedly, allowing it to slowly heal.  The body is now using energy to heal instead of

fighting off the allergens. 

I also have the amazingly accurate PKP treatments with Jennifer which through kinesiology identifies and clears

emotions held in the body, often consciously forgotten, but still held within the body.  It’s a modality that’s

difficult to describe, but the sense of ‘letting go’ of an issue and lightness of spirit has to be experienced to be

understood.   We are body, mind and spirit.

L.C. Loftus NSW


Jennifer was recommended to me by a friend whose child suffered severe allergies. I decided to take my own

son to see what she could do for his food allergies.  

"It has changed his life."

Jennifer was professional, friendly and always willing to answer my many questions. I have

recommended her to family and friends and am thankful for the changes she has brought to our family.

G.L.    Caringbah   NSW

After living with Chronic fatigue for nearly 10 years, my sister recommended that

I make an appointment with her naturopath.  I had previously seen many doctors

and specialists which were unable to improve my          symptoms, so I decided to

make  my first appointment with Jenny. Through Herbal  Medicine, Iridology and

Kinesiology, I can honestly say  that Jenny has               made an   enormous difference

to my health.  I would highly recommend Jenny                 to anyone who    would like

to feel more energetic  and healthy.

Jenny has an extraordinary ability to help people              regain their health.

Thank you Jenny,  Thank you.                                                   

K.S  Lugarno


In 2006 I was in a car accident. I was a mess physically and mentally after undergoing 2 ankle

surgeries with venous complications, physical restrictions and had developed subsequent

health problems. Despite months of hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy I was

left with a permanent disability, and on medication which rendered me unable to return to

my government position at the time. Further I had stress of pursuing third party  accident claim.

I harbored resentment and forgiveness was in order for me to become healthy and whole.

Knowing my family was very concerned and that Doctors had failed, my son mentioned Jennifer

Webster's Natural Therapy Practice.

since the initial appointment, Jennifer has provided mental and physical cleansing through

Herbal remedies and releasing through Kinseiology and nutritional advice. I've ceased all but

one medication and have returned to my previous employment position. The healing process is

continuing for me under the expertise of Jennifer's therapeutic advice.

Sue. Goulburn NSW


I met Jennifer back in 2012, she was a guest speaker at an information night at St George

hospital. I found her to be very knowledgeable on the night so booked an appointment,

After all, there are no such things as coincidences and I was

meant to meet her. In doing so she has helped me through

using naturopathy and kinesiology working on my emotional, mental,

physical and spiritual body.

Jennifer is passionate about helping you become well, her commitment, kindness and

intuitiveness make her different to other Naturopaths, she is someone I trust.

I look forward to my appointments (“tune ups”) -


Donna   Sydney  NSW 


My husband and I have been clients of Jennifer since 2008. Jennifer's holistic approach combined

with her friendly and caring manner as well as being sensitive to our needs has enabled us

to enjoy a happier and healthier life. Jennifer's knowledge, integrity and work ethics

are the reasons why  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is

looking for a better way of living.  

PW   Sydney  NSW


I first came across Jennifer Webster back in August 2011 when I was searching

for a local Naturopath to help me navigate through menopause. 

At the time I was not feeling the medical profession were helping me sufficiently. 

This was the beginning of a new life journey for me.  I found Jennifer and then David to be understanding,

compassionate, and professional with each contact I had.  Their holistic approach to one’s wellbeing

has helped me immensely as I progress through my life. 

They work with your GP, if and when required, to ensure you are totally covered. 

Our whole family has visited and responded to the support and genuine care from Traditional Herbal Remedies.  

I have attended meditation classes with David, yoga and meditation with Jennifer,

as well as my regular visits with Jennifer to assist me work towards becoming a better me,

both physically and emotionally.  At times it has been a little confronting and challenging,

but if you are prepared to listen, change, and take on board the recommendations then you

will benefit greatly from the support and encouragement from this team.           

  K.O. Sutherland Shire